Botox® injections work by introducing a small amount of
muscle-relaxing solution underneath the layers of the skin,
into individual muscles. The solution prevents the muscles
from contracting and making unnecessary facial expressions
(the cause of wrinkles).

These repairing injections do not change the way you look
and they do not interfere with your facial expressions. They
just soften the areas of concern and make you appear younger and more refreshed.

injections have been used for medical purposes for more than
30 years now. During this time they have become extremely safe, both from the point of view of the anti wrinkle solution that is used and from the point of view of the procedure.

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are fine creases that develop on the top portion of the nose. They are caused by everyday facial expressions and age. They are common amongst most people and become more evident over time when people smile.

Bunny lines may be treated alone or in conjunction with a treatment for glabellar lines or crow’s feet. Our use of a cosmetic injectable for treatment has proven to be effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the forehead and eyes, with the result being a younger and smoother appearance. You can expect to have the results last up to six months.

In your consultation with Dr. Dean, she will share with you information on the details of your procedure including possible risks and costs. Schedule an appointment today.